Can the State of Florida put a Lien on my Assets for an Unpaid Medical Bill?

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“I had a recent emergency with my health and had to go to the hospital and ended up staying overnight. The bill was over $7,000.00 and I have no health insurance. This was a few months ago and I haven’t paid anything toward the bill. Now I’m getting letters in the mail from Medical Revenue Services ( a collection agency) saying that they’re checking into my assets, bank accounts, owning real estate, etc. My question is: Can the state of Florida put a lien on my property or take over my bank accounts for the amount of money I owe towards the bill?”

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If the collection agency turns it into a judgment (by suing you and getting a court order) then they can attach that to your property. Generally a hospital will need to do that in order get a lien against your possessions. If you were injured by somebody else and there is a pending case, hospitals and doctors in many counties in Florida can put a lien against any recovery you may receive from a third party from the time they perform medical services.

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