Can Repair Company Ask for More Money for Repairs After Estimate Paid?

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“My girlfriend’s daughter crashed my car into the fence of her apartment complex. She called the landlord the next morning (being that the accident happened on the weekend while the office was closed) and told her what happened and that we would pay for the damages to the fence. An estimate for repairs was given to my girlfriend later that day for the cost of repairs to the fence. My girlfriend paid the amount that was given to her for the cost of the estimates two days later. Five days after paying for the estimated cost of repairs, she is visited by the landlord and the company (hired by the apartment complex for the anticipated repairs) and told the estimates were not sufficient and the cost of the repairs has increased. Are estimates for a job legally binding once the company is paid what they originally said it would cost to do a job?”

Not necessarily;  they are called “estimates” for a reason.  Whether or not what your girlfriend did legally bound the company to do it for that amount, or the landlord to pay any extra, would depend entirely upon the facts, and the law in your location.  That said, if the extra amount is less than it would cost to take it to court, common sense would dictate that she pay it.  In addition, if she refuses to pay it, or takes them to court, she’ll probably need to look for another place to live.