Can My Husband File for Divorce for No Reason?

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‘We live in the state of Arkansas and I was wondering if my husband is able to file for divorce against me for no reason? We do not live apart and I have done nothing wrong, but he often threatens that he is going to file. Is he able to file “just because?”’

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It sounds like your husband is thinking of no fault divorce. Arkansas requires specific circumstances required to bring such an action. Generally, no fault divorce requires both parties to mutually agree to
dissolve the marriage, either through a formal agreement or their actions (living apart, as separated, for a number of years). Arkansas also provides the option for couples to enter into a covenant marriage
at the beginning of their marriage. Dissolution of a covenant marriage requires specific acts or events to occur (such as physical abuse or incarceration).

Because your state requires certain specific circumstances, you should consult with an attorney in your area to determine what your rights are, and how to protect yourself.

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