Can My Fiance Adopt My Daughter?

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I recently was in college in Oklahoma where I had a boyfriend and I ended up getting pregnant, but before I knew I was I had broken up with him and moved back home in Wisconsin. I am currently engaged to someone who is willing to adopt my child and the biological father is willing to relinquish parental rights, as long as he does not have to pay child support. Is this possible, or do I have to be married before that could happen. He has not seen her or even asked about her when he knew I was pregnant the whole time and she is going to be 4-months-old now. the only reason he contacted me was because he had got papers for child support.

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Is your child’s biological father listed on your daughter’s birth certificate? If so, he will have to go through formal court proceedings to relinquish his parental rights. Once this is completed pursuant to state law, your new fiance can petition to adopt your daughter.

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Author: House Attorney