Can my Father put my Baby’s Father in Jail for not Paying Child Support?

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“I am currently 16 years old and pregnant by a boy who is 17 years old. I know the legal age of consent in Georgia is 16. The problem is that my dad said when I have the baby he is going to put the father on child support or put him in jail. I don’t want him to do that because the father is helping support the baby and he has never forced me to do anything. My question is can my father do anything to the father?”

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I do not believe your father can commence a lawsuit against your baby daddy. Our research indicates that such a claim for support would need your consent, even though the rights of your child are what we are talkng about, and your child should be supported. Your father also cannot have baby daddy put in jail. If you ever do make a claim for public assistance during your minority, the state will go after your father, your mother and your baby daddy in order to get reimbursement. After you turn 18, then the state would only go after baby daddy. Baby daddy should pay support, and even though your father may not have the legal grounds to pursue it, he is correct in pointing out that the money should be paid in such a way that your child receives the support in a meaningful way.

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