Can My Boyfriend Be Placed On Our Child’s Birth Certificate?

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Jack got arrested for domestic violence towards Jill. He is not to have contact with Jill. They patched things up and got back together and have been living in hiding basically but now have a baby due anytime. If Jack puts his name on the birth certificate as the father, with it going through the courts, will they get caught and Jack go to jail? What should he do, because he wants to be on the birth certificate but is afraid he’ll be found out for being back with Jill against court orders?

For starters, Jack needs to contact a family law attorney to arrange to have his name put on the child’s birth certificate. The attorney will find a way to legally have Jack’s name put on the birth certificate while not violating the no contact order. Due to Jack’s past, there may be a no contact order put in place to protect the baby, but it shouldn’t necessarily interfere with his parental rights. Again, Jack needs to contact a lawyer for legal advice.