Can I Terminate My Daughter’s Father’s Parental Rights?

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“I am 30 years old, with an 8 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. My daughter’s father has bipolar disorder and does not take meds. He left us over 14 times, left the hospital when our daughter was in surgery, never works, doesn’t pay child support, and did not comply with the court ordered visitation. He was in front of the divorce judge pleading that he was a good father and the judge told him he had to visit with his daughter under the Court’s supervision. He never set anything up with the NFV of the Courts. He has not seen her in almost a year. My now fiance’ wants to adopt her, she calls him “Daddy”, and he’s been supporting her for the last year. If I went to the courthouse myself to file Termination of Rights is it possible I have a leg to stand on?”

Question: No.