Can I Take Someone to Small Claims Court to Pay for my Home Security System?

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“I recently had a break in to my house during the night when I was home alone. I was able to see who the person was-it was a child in my daugther’s class (13 years old). I confronted him and contacted the police. He is being charged with this crime. I immediately installed an alarm system because I can’t sleep at night in fear and my children are also in fear. Can I issue the bill of installation to the parents through small claims court? I am a single mom who now has to have an additional bill every month to ensure my kids and myself are secure after he entered my home.”

Question: You can certainly attempt to recover your expenses for the alarm through small claims court, if you meet the criteria of the small claims court in your location. Whether you will prevail is another matter. You should try talking with the child’s parents first to see if they may agree to split the cost with you. Then, if they refuse, take it to small claims court. This way you can also show the judge that you have tried to settle it out of court, but the child’s parents would not cooperate.