Can I Sue My Father for Stealing My DNA?

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My mom and father were married for many years. They divorced and now that I am 30-years-old, my father took my DNA without permission and told people I was not his daughter. I’m not sure it was even mine. I feel that is was not right for him to tell people that. I have a mental illness and it had made me worse for awhile. He sent me the results so I know he tested it. Can he do that or can I file suit on him for telling people I am not his daughter? I did not want the test done and I sure didn’t want him to tell people this. What recourse do I have?

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You will not be able to take any action against your father for making such statements due to his freedom of speech (1st Amendment rights). Depending on your state law, you might be able to file a cause of action against him for taking your property (DNA) without your permission. I recommend you talk with a local property attorney to see what he/she advises on how to proceed with legal action.

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Author: House Attorney