Can I Sue My Company for Laying Me Off Three Months After I Relocated For the Job?

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“My company made me move from Illinois to North Carolina. Just after 3 months I was laid off. They said the reason was lack of work but many people were laid off due to company cuts. They paid for my moving and other stuff during my move but they were supposed to pay me an extra rent/buy home package every month. Now they pay me nothing – no severance package during lay off etc.. Do you think I can sue the company?”

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This is a very fact-specific question and will largely depend on the employment contract you signed, as well as the employment laws in both Illinois and North Carolina. Depending on the applicable law, the contract you signed with the company could be controlling, or it could merely be a factor in determining your rights.

These issues tend to be complex and dependent on the many variables specific to your situation. As such, you should contact an attorney in your area familiar with employment contracts and employment law. They will better be able to advise of your rights in this situation.

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