Can I Marry My Boyfriend As A Ward of the State?

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I’m a 16-years-old and my grandma has guardianship over me, but the state says I’m a ward of them. Just recently I had a child. Her father is 26-years-old. Is my grandmother able to give us permission to get us married so he won’t go to jail? He wants to be a part of his daughter’s and my life but we weren’t sure if she is able to let us get married or not?

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In regard to your first question, even if you get married, he may still go to jail depending on your state’s statutory rape laws. You will also have to research your state law to find out what the requirements are for minors being permitted to wed. You should contact a local family law attorney to find out your legal rights in wedding your boyfriend. He should talk to a criminal defense attorney if he is being investigated for violating any state laws that prohibit an adult from having sex with a minor.

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Author: House Attorney