Can I Legally Leave Home Now That I’m Eighteen?

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‘I just turned 18 years old last Tuesday. My mom is making me go insane. Living at home is really making me depressed and I want to leave so badly. Am I able to leave the house at 18 while still in high school? She says that I have to graduate school before I leave the house under the law. I live in Minnesota. Please help me. I can’t take this for much longer.’

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Being unfamiliar with the laws of Minnesota, you would be best advised to contact a legal aid organization in Minnesota. However, in most states, the legal age at which you are considered an adult is 18.

Is your mother receiving child support for you? In many states the parent paying child support must continue to pay until the child graduates from high school, even if they are 18, and perhaps it is this which your mother is thinking about.

There is a link to chat live with someone on the following Minnesota legal aid site, and they should be able to help you:

Best of luck, and hang in there – at worst, it’s only another six months until you graduate.

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