Can I Get Money Back From my Lawyer if I’m Unsatisfied?

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“If I hired a lawyer for a bankruptcy case and I’m not happy with the way she is running the show can I get a refund. We did not file for anything just preparing. Do I have the right to get my 1,400 dollars back?”

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Generally speaking, the money that is paid to a lawyer up front – also known as the ‘retainer’ – is money on account and the lawyer will bill their time and other fees against that retainer. ┬áSo, to answer your question, and again generally speaking, the lawyer will deduct the amount they are due for the time put in preparing your case, and any related fees, and you should be entitled to a refund of whatever is left. ┬áThat said, some states may still allow “nonrefundable retainers”, and you will need to carefully review your retainer agreement to be sure.

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