Can I File A Civil Action Against Fish & Wildlife?

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Fish and Wildlife put conservation easements on my property without verifying that the people owned the property. The easements were put on my lots prior to my buying them. The persons who said they owned the properties were not Owners of Record in the court records. No deeds in their name. I spoke with the Fish and Wildlife attorney and he said that their deeds did not need to be filed in order for them to give up the rights to the properties, and told me to get an attorney, It is very costly for me to hire an attorney to have these easements removed. Can I file a civil court case myself? They failed to follow proper procedure with notification in the court and tax records. Thank you

One often hears people ask whether they can take legal action on their own. The answer, of course, is yes . . . but. The old saying “A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client” is true. You are legally permitted to do so, but it’s not a good idea in most cases (things like small claims actions are the obvious exception).

In court, you are expected to know and follow all the rules that lawyers take years to learn. Do you have the time to teach that to yourself? Would you perform your own surgery if you weren’t a doctor? You probably get the idea.

In the long run, as expensive as lawyers are, they’re usually cheaper than the alternative. Start with a short consultation meeting to get a sense of what your options and chances are; you can always choose to not hire the attorney after that.