Can I Change My Child Custody Order?

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I am emailing you because I am having problems with my ex-wife and her interpretation of the divorce papers. I am having problems with her being late when I drop off the kids and occasionally when I pick them up (in the past, I have waited hours for drop off). I sent a summer schedule in December of 2013 (which is due on or before May 1st) and I can’t get her to acknowledge or respond to even though I have proof she has read it. She will not submit medical bills to me and she is not paying them which I do not find out about until they hit my credit report (it’s in the papers that we are each to pay half). I have requested that she provide the medical bills so I could make sure all the bills are paid since the kids are on my insurance. She has dropped off our son at school despite the fact that he was sick and wouldn’t respond so the school had to call me when the teacher found out he was sick so I could take off and come pick him up. She says bad things about me and my wife to the kids which is also a violation of the divorce papers. Instead of picking up our son and having him available at the house she consistently states that she cannot pick up from school and I have to go get him and then go to her house to pick up our daughter. When I arrive at the house she is there proving that she could have picked him up. She constantly throws the fact that she works for DHR in my face and changing her opinion of the papers and the visitation schedule. I feel that DHR workers should be held to a higher standard than regular citizens and should not be able to use their position for personal matters. She also resides in HUD housing and is lying about how much child support she is receiving in order to live there. She is now claiming that she will be filing for an increase in support and a decrease in visitation.

Your question is not that clear to me. In regard to the statements you made regarding visitation schedule conflicts and mishaps, it is in your best interest to address it with the judge at your next custody conference. The court will modify support and visitation depending on what is in the best interest of your children. If your ex-wife wants to increase support and decrease visitation, there will have to be some type of significant change in circumstances in order for this request to be granted. You should consult with a local attorney about your issues prior to your next court date.