How Can I Get My Name Off of Credit Card Debt After A Divorce?

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My son is divorced and the judge said he is responsible for one credit card and his ex the other, how does he get his name off so his credit is not affected?

Your son can try to provide the credit card company with the court order. The credit card company will most likely take his name off the card for future debt. However, if the debt was accrued while his name was on the card, the company is likely to still hold him responsible and not remove the debt from his credit report until the debt is paid. think of it this way: the credit card company just wants to get paid. It really doesn’t care that a divorce occurred. Two people were liable for the debt when the debt was incurred, so the credit card company will pursue both of those people.

If your son’s ex is not addressing the debt, then he can go back to the court that issued the order and have them hold her in contempt for failing to follow the court’s order. He can either contact the court to find out what he needs to file, or he can consult with a family law attorney.