Can a Judge Change a Verdict Several Months After the Initial Judgment Because She Made a Mistake?

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“in october of 07, my husband was sued for rental of farm equipment, that never worked. in nov of 07 we went to the district judge, after all is said and done, we won the judgement against the plaintiff as there was no contract. today, jan of 08, 4 months later, i get a new judgement, from the judges clerk, she made a “mistake”. she changed the verdict in the plaintiffs favor and told me i have 30 days to appeal it, at my expense, she makes a “mistake” the judge also signed this new judgement, as he state this was true and correct, same as the first one….what is up with this….no procedure, no public hearing, because the plaintiff are very prominent in this little town, can this be done…i am prepared to sue the clerk, the judge and the court over this outrage.”

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There really isn’t enough information here to say whether or not “this can be done”, but it doesn’t really matter whether it “can” be done – it *was* done. You should contact a local attorney (and quickly) to determine what your best course of action would be.

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