As a Parent of a Minor that just had a Baby, Do I have Any Say In the Modifying of the Birth Certificate?

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“I am a parent of a minor that just had a baby. She is insisting that she wants the “so called father” to be a part of her life. He has admitted to running drugs and lives in a terrible situation at home. She is 17 and he is 18, I was reading over the birth certificate papers and I thought that I understood it to say that since she is a minor that her parents or legal guardian had to also sign the BC. Is that correct? We cannot seem to make her see the light on this situation. We also believe that he is not the father. He is black and she is white, while I understand that it has to do with genetics, this child looks nothing like him and is as white as chalk and no characteristics of being biracial at all. I know that she was with someone else around the same time. He has spoken terrible to us, using very bad language and being very disrespectful. We want what is best for this child and our daughter and I know that he is not it. He won’t even work regularly. Do we have any recourse at all in this situation?”

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In order to be named on the birth certificate as the father, “the father” had to sign an affadavit to the effect that he was the child’s father. I do not know of any process open to you, grandparents, to alter the birth certificate without the consent of the two named parents.

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