Am I Legally Married?

In 1991, I married my spouse. About 3 years later, we separated and I moved to California. I filed for a divorce in California and went on to remarry in 2003. I later found out that the judge never signed the divorce in California. I later was granted the divorce but after I was remarried. Read more [...]

Am I Legally Married to My New Husband?

m>I filed for a divorce in California after being separated for 5 years. I did my own divorce. I submitted all the forms via mail. I went to court in January and the judge said as of this date you are divorced and will receive a judgment in the mail. A week or two later I got a copy of the court proceeding papers (copy of what was agreed/granted in court) stating marital status terminates - dated February. In April, I get remarried. 5 months late, I finally get a Notice of Entry of Judgment with a different date stamped on it. The effective date of termination of martial status states Sept. The Entry of Judgment states that neither party should remarry until effective date (Sept). I got married in April. Is my marriage to husband #2 invalid (void)? .If so, does that mean the marriage became valid after the divorce final date? Do I need to marry husband #2 again? Any help would really be appreciated. Read more [...]