Am I Due Bail Money Back if My Case was Dismissed in My Favor?

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“I was given a desk appearance ticket in December 2011, and the police department set the bail at $50. My attorney came and bailed me out and I paid him back later that week. The case was dismissed in my favor on July 27th 2012. I haven’t received the bail money back. I did some research and found out that this was considered “police bail” and should have been released after I appeared for my first court appearance, which was many months ago? It’s not alot of money but I just don’t understand where the money went or how to get this back. This was my first and hopefully only encouter with the law, so I have no idea about any of this. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you so much.”

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If your attorney posted bail for you, you should contact them to see if they received any refund. Technically, it was their money on the hook so the police department would release it back to them. If your attorney hasn’t gotten any bail money back, you can ask them to explain the reasoning better. It sounds like this may simply be an accounting issue with your attorney.

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