After Marrying, Can a Woman Use her Maiden Name as Her Middle Name?

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“When a woman marries, can she use her maiden last name as her middle name? Example: Rebecca Lee Moore marries Steven Anderson. Can Rebecca use “Rebecca Moore Anderson” as her legal married name or does she have to use Rebecca Lee Anderson; assuming she wants to use her husband’s last name as her own.”

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It will depend in part on in what state you reside, and in what fashion you want to use the name. Informally, there should be no reason that you can’t use your maiden name as your middle name, however if you want to use it formally, you may need to take formal steps to change it. A good place from which to take your cue is the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state. Take a copy of your marriage license down there and see what they say. If you can change it on your license to your maiden name as your last name, you should be fine, but some states require a special form be filed with the Clerk of Courts, others may even require you file a paper through the court itself.

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