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DearEsq. is one of the oldest, and longest-published legal question and answer (Q&A) sites on the Internet.

Launched at the beginning of 1998, by Anne P. Mitchell, Esq., DearEsq. has always been a free service through which readers can submit questions to be answered by an attorney. In all the years that DearEsq.com has been online, it has always been, and will always remain, free to use.

Ms. Mitchell oversees the site, and all questions answered. Questions are answered by a variety of attorneys, matching the subject of the question to the subject-matter experience and expertise of the lawyer answering the question.

NOTE: Under no circumstances should the information contained on this website, including answers to questions, be considered to constitute legal advice. No attorney-client or other legal relationship is formed or exists between DearEsq.com or the author lawyers, and users of this site. Readers are advised to consult a lawyer in their juristdiction.

Share the Knowledge!